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January 2024 20/01/2024

Updated: Mar 10

Having given the family COVID for Christmas (my first time) it has been a slow start to the New Year. Hibernation always has its appeal and was enforced by having a kiln break down mid-December. Given I've been working in glass since 2006 I now had three non-functioning kilns (all made in the US) on my hands, I'd tried obvious repairs with no success and had trouble finding someone to do the work. This week, a LONG drive to Stoke on Trent and Kilncare fixed all three - which feels like riches - the frost rainbow behind their premises was a MOOD. Regarding the vessel on the left: A #timecapsule for a friend. I found our late mothers had the same signature fragrance, Ma Griffe by Carven. It’s now been a decade since my mother died and I recently found the vintage formula on eBay for a song. It’s a curious, challenging and absolutely distinctive scent with notes of Clary Sage, Lemon and Asafoetida. I enjoy that the name translates as both ‘my signature’ and ‘my claw’ and that the fragrance is described as ‘serious and elegant’. I accidentally overcooked the clear #glass of this phial in the flame from crystalline to smoky and it seemed to me a good fit for an unusual and special vinaigrette.


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