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2nd December

This Saturday 2nd December I’ve been invited to demonstrate my process at @designermakers21 in Diss. I will also bring a selection of my #glass Come and marvel at the fiery process, its lovely results and this unique venue: Began back in May 2013 with the support of the trustees of The Corn Hall and the generosity of Diss Quakers four craft studios opened to the public one day a week. designermakers21 rapidly filled the warren of Victorian rooms which now support 12 craft studios, two galleries, a rolling, quarterly, showcase space, a large exhibition/workshop area, a silkscreen facility, a quarterly temporary studio and more in the planning.

This shared, creative and vibrant centre embraces traditional and contemporary craft practices with an inspiring range of textiles, prints, sculptures, mosaics, jewellery, tailoring, weaving and carpentry. They aim to educate and involve the community in all things craft while continuing to excel in their fields of expertise, providing their visitors with an experience to remember.


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