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May 2023

This May, a rhaphsody in green. the long, late spring continuing so we have multiple stages of leaf, blossom and bloom and sudden abundance everywhere. Setting my studio to rights (Suffolk Open Studios this month and I'm open 17th & 18th June 11am-4pm) after a very happy and busy stint solo at The Quay. Having scrambled to fill the gallery at under a week's notice, then stewarded for seven days and completed commissions, I sat down at the torch to hours of combining colours and twisting glass cane by way of a rest for my brain. It was also a way of reflecting back this sudden rush of verdant colour. 18th century embroidery and style at Christchurch Mansion. Eldest (briefly home) discovered a deceased corvid in the fields behind my studio - tranquil and graceful in repose - and worked it into a birthday card of glory. I've said I will have homemade birthday cards in lieu of anything else as long as they have time to make them. This level of creative detail perfoming a similar function to my cane-making.


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