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May 2022

Well this was the month that I lost my five year old Instagram account to hackers. They moved in fast, closed me out completely, and no protocols and appeals worked for me to get it reinstated or deleted. I thought the despair of the Burgher of Calais by Rodin (in miniature form at The Red House in Aldeburgh) was expressive of my emotions at the time. Onward and Upwards, I have two legit accounts (current and archive) both followed by the Suffolk Craft Society. Exhibiting in the Arts Centre in Wymondham provided a private view of the Abbey, for the most part closed. I was peering in through a locked door and was suddenly invited inside. A divine theme including this experience emerged on my birthday in terms of gifts. A Crown ring for the Jubilee amd Happy and Glorious person, roses and peonies from the garden, glass moth wings and some vast Suffolk skies.


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