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July 2022

July looks a little chaotic - it was, or maybe it's me? I had a wonderful time solo at The Crafthouse in Woodbridge and want to thank everyone who came by, what a lovely place to inhabit. I gave myself a project to complete in time for the show, a chess set. Since Wearable Art is my realm it is a complete set of 32 hairsticks with ornate finials. Based around the crown and accoutrements of Mary in the Van Eyck, Ghent altarpiece. Drypoint etching above also a tribute. July saw the realising of a happy collaberation with local silversmith Andrea Wright. I had to create more work for, then hang the Suffolk Craft society Summer Exhibition for the second year - works unseen by sixty Makers in three days. Then fulfilling commissions and torching through the heat of Midsummer - very like being back in Asia. Hoping anyone here is moving more gracefully through the heatwaves!


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